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Hi, We are TEMAE!

     The existence of an adequate digital platform makes ideas and creativity highly developed with the help of various available features and encourages the birth of innovations created by various groups to achieve the creation of new values ​​in economic, artistic, and cultural functions. Temae Entertainment started from a desire to combine ideas and creativity to produce a work that is beneficial for oneself, the people around, and even the wider community. This desire faces the needs and opportunities in providing space, shelter, and services engaged in the creative industry with various fields of expertise professionally.

     The development of the creative industry is the benchmark for Temae Entertainment to develop and channel ideas and creativity through the merging of digital technology and the internet. The existence of international platforms also supported the development of creativity, such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Tiktok.

     Over the years, we have earned a reputation and are trusted to do great work across a wide range of categories for photo and videography, Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Interior and Exterior Design, websites, and Social Media Development.

     Temae continues to strive to be a creative forum that develops ideas and creativity, trains and maintains the quality of professional work, as well as creates a healthy working environment and network for fellow creative workers in Indonesia. Explore, develop, and channel ideas and creativity through evaluation, modification, and innovation.

     Temae Entertainment is ready to help maximize your business based on the goals your business wants to achieve through ideas and creativity to produce works that prioritize quality and are supported by the speed of availability of information, entertainment, and social control in an industrial environment.

Build a business and collaborate with us to grow your business!

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